Removing And Installing Remote Control Outside Mirror

1. Remove bezel from door panel.

3. Loosen nut with Special Tool 9158. Remove bezel.


1. Remove bezel from door panel.

2. Pull off adjusting lever knob or press off with a suitable tool if necessary. Remove rubber dust cover and retaining ring over the adjusting lever.

3. Loosen nut with Special Tool 9158. Remove bezel.

6. Loosen outside screw on mirror and remove the mirror.

4. Remove door panel. Pull off plastic sheet from door partially.

5. Bend open metal tab of reinforcement plate and guide the cable around the window guide rails into the door well.

1. Guide cable through the small gasket opening and push it into the door well. Mount mirror with the screw, making sure that the gasket is positioned correctly.

2. Guide cable around the front window guide rails and hold in metal tab of reinforcement plate. Paste plastic sheet on door.

3. Guide cable through the door panel and, if applicable, connect wire for electric window controls. Install and secure door panel.

4. Secure cable with the nut in the bezel. Install dust cover and adjusting lever knob. Bolt bezel on door panel and check mirror operation.

Door Panel Porsche 924


The location for installation on the passenger's door is identical, but the register position on the mirror base is 10 degrees different than the non-adjustable right mirror. The door will require the large reinforcement plate when a remote control mirror is to be installed.

Mirror glass is cemented in mirror. To remove damaged mirror glass, heat glass to about 80° C and press off with a metal putty knife. Pull off protective plastic sheet and cement new mirror glass.


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