Removing And Installing Speaker Balance Control

1. Detach speaker balance control in center console by pressing up with a putty knife.

2, Remove radio (Bamberg QTS digital radio). This is done by sliding assembly tool into openings of radio mask plate until it engages. Then pull radio out of center console.

Connections on Speaker Balance Control

3. Disconnect plugs on radio and detach speaker plugs.

Removing and Installing Speaker Balance Control

1 - Radio channel conn., left

2 - Radio channel conn., right

3 - Speaker conn., front

(white mark)

5 - Speaker conn., rear, right

(yellow mark)

Connections on Radio

1 Positive (+) and negative (—) conn, (wiring via ignition lock and relay)

2 Positive (+) term. 30 (digital clock and station memory)

3 Automatic antenna conn.

4 Speaker balance control conn., left channel

5 Speaker balance control conn., right channel

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