Repairing Front Body Section Damage



- Front lid and left fender

- Pop-up headlights with linkage and motor

- Lid lock base, cable and front harness detached

- Bumper with turn signals, fog lights, license plate and bumper brackets

- Radiator with fan - drain coolant

- Front bottom apron with radiator grill

- Straighten side member and check installation position with a level, or replace part of front section. Overlap welding seams by about 2 cm. Tack weld inside and apply MIG welding to outside.

- Front cross member at side members

- Lock carrier

- Install connecting sheet and spot weld to side member.

Left connecting sheet at side member - use air chisel and cutting wheel (grind down seams)

- Grind off scrap metal on side members and left wheel housing


- Entire front top apron, bottom apron to an extent necessary - use cutting wheel

Check distance 686 - 3 mm.

50-2 Repairing Front Body Section Damage Printed in Germany

If damage is slight, straighten side and lock mem bers as well as bracket for radiator mount.

Check distance 686 - 3 mm.

Install and tack weld inner cross member.

Fit front apron, cut to match opening, spot weld to cross member and finish weld.

Fit floor plate, spot weld to side member, wheel house and apron, black arrow

Weld piece to radiator mount, white arrow

- Weld lock member to side members using welding jig 9117.

- Secure lid lock to lock member with 5 mm dia. pop rivets or oval head screws and nuts.

- Install front lid and adjust to align with upper lock section.

Bolt fender. Check that door and lid gaps are even. Gap width should be 6 to 7 mm.

Install top apron and clamp to bottom apron and cross member. Work out opening for pop up head-light distance 260 mm.

- Spot weld the apron to the lock member and the bottom apron as far as possible, MIG weld in -accessible areas and align the upper area with the lid's front edge.

- Install pop-up headlight with linkage and motor, and check operation.

- Align spoiler and front bumper.

- Prime coat welding seams and blank metal areas. Apply a cavity spray to side and cross members. Repair damaged undercoating.


Mounting jig

Place back end of front section jig in side members. Bolt it to the front axle mounting points and cross member without tension. A 3 mm height tolerance is given for all mounting points. Refer to page 50 - 03 for other dimensions.

The control arm take-up on the front axle of all models is different as from 1979 model year.

In addition, the Turbo model and cars fitted with stabilizers have welded-on brackets to take the stabilizers.


Make sure that no tension is transmitted to the gauge when welding and straightening the front body section. Depending on use, check gauge for distortion and accuracy.

50-4 Working with Front Section

Alignment and Welding Jig 9112 /9175

IX, 1980 - Printed in Germany

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