Repairs With Set Ens 224300 Attachment

These attachments can be applied to simple repair jobs of bodies with medium front and rear end damage.

Preparing body

Remove: Front and rear bumpers with brackets Front apron

All damaged body parts (as required by repair work) Torsion plate covers and outer rubber mounts.

Also remove running gear and engine depending on type of damage.

Preparing Celette stand: Mount cross member for rear axle attachments and supports for longitudinal member.

Welding Bench Ideas

Bolt attachments to rear axle cross tube.

Bolt attachments to rear axle cross tube.

Lower body onto Celette stand aligned in transverse direction and bolt attachments. Install attachments for bumper brackets and bolt to body.

Picture Gage Front Bumpers

Holes in longitudinal members (in conjunction with holes in supports) are used to assure dimensional accuracy. These holes can also be used for checking and welding gages when checking front end alignment. See arrow.

Note: For heavy pulling and straightening jobs universal anchor ENS 937. 900 should also be mounted on body.

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