Service Installing Car Radio

Installing Antenna

1. Drill hole in fender according to mm dimensions shown. Drill with an antenna cutter (hole saw) so that the mounting threads of the antenna can be easily pushed through in vertical position.

2. Guide antenna in from below and secure. Make sure that antenna is vertical. Guide antenna cable toward inside through one of the available holes and locate it at the center console.

Dimensions in mm Note

Dimensions in brackets refer to an automatic antenna.

Installing Speaker and Radio

1. Remove side trim next to rear seats.

2. Guide cable through grommet, connect to speaker. Place plastic spacers between speaker and inside plate. Install speaker.

Porsche 924 Speakers

3. Place speaker cable underneath cover strip on door sill and guide to center console.

4. Pull off speaker cover in instrument panel and install speaker.

Porsche 924 Speaker


The speaker in the instrument panel is identical with the speaker installed at the rear, left-hand side. Both have a resistance of 8 Ohms, are switched on together, and in the case of stereo radios, are connected at channel 1. The right speaker (4 Ohms) alone is connected to channel 2. For mono radios both speaker lines are connected with a special plug. For older radios, whose speaker connections consist of two round plugs, a standard adapter must be used to match the new speaker wire connectors.

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