Servicing Automatic Antenna Mast

Clean a fully run out antenna mast with a low viscosity, non-resinous oil or a cleaning spray, e.g. MS-2 spray. We recommend antenna cleaning cloths, which could also be used by customers without problems. Run antenna mast in and out several times, and wipe off any dirt each time.

Replace the mast, if mast parts are deformed or antenna movement is still difficult after cleaning thoroughly.

If the mast movement is still difficult, i. e. antenna mast does not run out or in fully, after handling as described above, thorough cleaning will be necessary.

Run antenna mast out fully (pulling by hand if necessary) and unscrew sleeve on base of antenna.

ft will then be possible to push the mast parts onto the accessible plastic cable and remove the dirt. Give mast parts a light coat of oil before assembling.

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