T 31 K1

5. Connect test lamp on term. 30 and T-. Open and close both doors and trunk lid separately. Lamp should come on while opening.

6. Connect test lamp on term. 31 and 15. Lamp should come on when ignition is on.

7. Connect test lamp on term. 30 and 61 (connect on both terminals separately).

Lamp should be on and go out when turning on ignition.

Lamp should come on and go out after starting engine at a higher speed.

8. Connect test lamp on term. 30 and MK. Open engine hood - lamp should be on.

9. Check terminal E/A with an ohmmeter. Connect meter between E/A and term. 31. Alarm switch should be closed.

Test as in point 1 (Checking Alarm Switch). The same resistance values are applicable.

Checking Function of Control Unit

It is recommended to use a test lamp instead of the alarm horn (no noise).

1. Connect eight-pin plug on alarm control unit. Two-pin plug remains disconnected. Connect red wire of two-pin plug and term. 30 of control unit with help of a piece of wire. Connect test lamp between term. HN of control unit and red/yellow wire of two-pin plug.

2. Turn alarm system on (key horizontal) and open door. Lamp should flash. Make same test on both doors, trunk lid and engine hood.

3. Set off alarm by opening a door. Leave alarm system on and close door again. The alarm time should be approx. 30 seconds. Do not turn alarm system off.

The alarm should be set off again when opening, of example, a door.

4. Turn ignition on after alarm time has elapsed. Lamp should flash. Start engine. Engine must not start.

5. Disconnect test lamp and connect two-pin plug on control unit. Install control unit. Check function of alarm horn by setting off alarm again.

Replace alarm control unit in case of any type of malfunction.


Even when the alarm system is switched off a defect in the control unit could cause failure of the ignition and/or fuel pump depending on circumstances.

The situation can be remedied by the following procedures should a new control unit not be available.

Remove alarm control unit and disconnect eight-pin plug.

Bridge both terminals 61 on plug with a piece of wire.

This prevents the alarm system from functioning.

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