Specs For Ignition Coil On 924s

1977 Porsche 924 Coil Wiring Diagram

Observe the following safety measures to avoid damage The high voltage lead must be fitted with a shield-while working on TCI-H ignition systems. ing sleeve of at least 2 k-ohms. 1. Only connect and disconnect testers and leads with ignition turned off. 2. Spring retainers of removed distributor and dust caps must not hang in sensor system while cranking engine. 3. Never connect a capacitor on the ignition coil. 4. Specified ignition coil must not be replaced with a conventional ignition coil....

Removing And Installing Engine

Porsche 944 Air Duct Alternator

Detach windshield washer hose at T-adaptor, 7. Disconnect electrical connector of engine compartment light. 4. Set heater control lever to warm position fully open and remove pressure cap. 5. Drain coolant at plug on radiator, and loosen and remove coolant hoses. 9. Remove coolant expansion tank with carrier and hoses. 10. Take windshield washer tank off and place it behind right-hand headlight. 11. Take alternator cooling hose off. 12. Disconnect starter wire arrow at positive pole,...

Porsche 911 Battery Voltage At Terminal 15 To Ground

Ballast Resistor 1977 Porsche 924

Check distributor cap, distributor rotor, ignition lines and spark plugs Warning ignition off . Resistance of spark plug wire including connector approximately 6 k Ohm Resistance of distributor rotor approx. 5 k Ohm 3. Check ignition timing Timing good 5. Check ballast resistors and ignition coil Ignition off, wires disconnected at resistors and ignition coil Ballast resistor 0.4 Ohm 0.35 to 0.45 Ohm Ballast resistor 0.6 Ohm 0.55 to 0.65 Ohm Ignition coil primary between terminals 1 and 15...

Checking Warm Up Regulator Warm Engine

Warm Regulator Porsche 924

Disconnect wire connectors at warm-up regulator. 2. Disconnect electrical connector at air flow sensor. Turn on ignition. 3. Check power supply with voltmeter at disconnected plug. Voltage min. 11.5 V. Printed in Germany Removing and Installing Warm-Up 25 - 21 Regulator - Checking Warm-Up Regulator 4. Check heating coil, resistance of heating coil approx. 20 Ohm. If heating coil has open circuit, replace warm-up regulator.

Removing And Installing Needle Bearing

Needle bearing can be replaced without removal of engine. Clutch must be removed first. See Repair Manual - Group 30. Pull out needle bearing with Special Tool 10-202. 13-12 Removing and Installing Flywheel Replacing Starter Ring Gear Pull out bearing sleeve with US 1088. Pull out bearing sleeve with M 12 x 65 hexagon head bolt. Drive in needle bearing up to stop with Special Tool 9124. For version II drive in seal up to stop with Special Tool 9123. Use about 3 grams of lithium grease NLGI...