Checking Valve Guides

Worn Valve Guides Porsche

When reworking valves/seats valve guides must be checked for wear. This is particularly true for engines with high mileage.

If wear is excessive, cylinder head must be replaced, until such time when repair procedures are published.


1. Clean guide with a broach.

2. Place new valve in guide. End of valve stem must be flush with guide.

3. Measure amount of rock.

Intake valve guide: max. 0.8 mm Exhaust valve guide: max. 1.0 mm


Porsche 914 Install Engine Seal


1. Remove camshaft and tappets.

2. Remove spark plugs.

3. Move piston of each cylinder to "BDC". Install VW 652 or similar pressure hose and apply constant pressure.

4. Remove valve springs. Note

Loosen stuck valve keepers by tapping installation lever with a hammer.

Engine Porsche 924
Install valve stem seals.

Place plastic sleeve (A) on valve stem. Lubricate valve stem seal (B). Push seal carefully onto valve guide with a mandrel.


Valve stem seals must always be replaced. Do not install seal without using plastic sleeve as valve stem seals will be damaged and cause excessive engine oil consumption.

Plastic sleeve A is included in valve stem seal replacement kit.

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