Specs For Ignition Coil On 924s


Observe the following safety measures to avoid damage The high voltage lead must be fitted with a shield-while working on TCI-H ignition systems. ing sleeve of at least 2 k-ohms.

1. Only connect and disconnect testers and leads with ignition turned off.

2. Spring retainers of removed distributor and dust caps must not hang in sensor system while cranking engine.

3. Never connect a capacitor on the ignition coil.

1977 Porsche 924 Coil Wiring Diagram

4. Specified ignition coil must not be replaced with a conventional ignition coil.

5. Connect terminal 4 of ignition coil with ground via a locally made high voltage lead or pull off Hall control unit plug, if engine has to be operated at starter speed, without it running.

1 Ignition lead

2 Shielding sleeve

3 Wire connector

6. Starting can be helped with voltage only up to 16 volts.

Idle speed and CO will be changed by the EIS control unit (electronic idle stabilizer).

Consequently the EIS control unit must be disconnected for testing and adjustments.

This is done by detaching the plug in the engine compartment on left wheel housing.

Pictures Electronic Idle Stabilizer

When the ignition system is defective, the EIS control unit can be disconnected from the ignition system for troubleshooting by pulling off both plugs on control unit and connecting them.

Porsche 944 Ignition Control Module

Checking Ignition Coil

1. Disconnect wires on ignition coil.

2. Take off cap on ignition coil and check, whether plug is missing or sealing compound has run out. Replace Hall control unit and ignition coil when plug is missing.

1 Cap

2 Plug

3. Measure resistance between term. 1 and term. 15.

Porsche 924 Distributor Replacement

Specifications: 0.52 to 0.76 ohm

4. Measure resistance between term. 1 and term. 4.

1. Detach idle stabilizer plug.

4. Connect voltmeter on ignition coil term. 15 and term. 1.

Specification: 2.4 to 3.5 k-ohms

1. Detach idle stabilizer plug.

3. Pull off Hall transmitter plug on distributor.

4. Connect voltmeter on ignition coil term. 15 and term. 1.

2. Connect ignition coil term. 4 on ground with a high voltage lead.

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