Oil dipstick guide tube, installing 17 - 4 a

Oil filter, removing and installing 17 -8

Oil pressure and oil pressure switch, checking 17-5

Tools 17-1


4-speed manual transmission 088/A

5-speed manual transmission 016 Y 5-speed manual transmission 016/9 - 1980 5-speed manual transmission 016/9 - 1981 Automatic transmission (refer to page 37 - 01)


Clutch, adjusting

Clutch, removing and installing (Type 088/A)

Clutch, removing and installing (Type 016 Y)

Clutch, removing and installing (Type 016/9)

Clutch controls, repairing

Clutch disc, removing and installing

Clutch pressure plate, checking

Drive plate, checking

Release bearing, removing and installing

Release lever, repairing

Technical data

Tightening torques Tools

Torque Converter

Converter, checking Converter, draining

Converter drive plate support assembly, removing and installing Converter, installing

Converter oil seal, removing and installing

Manual Transmission/Controls, Case

Differential, removing and installing

End plate, disassembling and assembling

End plate, disassembling and assembling (Type 016/9)

End plate, replacing

Final drive case, disassembling and assembling (Type 016 Y) Flange shaft seal, replacing

Front transmission cover, disassembling and assembling (Type 016 Y)

Gearbox, disassembling and assembling

Gearbox, disassembling and assembling (Type 016 Y)

Gearbox, disassembling and assembling (Type 016/9)

Gearbox, removing and installing

Gearbox, removing and installing (Type 016/9)


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