Clutch Actuation

Porsche 924 Turbo

The clutch is hydraulically actuated. A servo spring (3) as adjusted by the factory, reduces the pedal effort from approx. 20 kp (44 lbs.) to approx. 15 kp (33 lbs.). The spring tension can be adjusted by a hex nut to lower clutch pedal effort by as much as 30 or as little as 8 . The clutch is self adjusting, and the clutch lining wear can be checked by removing the rubber plug (7) located on the starter side of the bell housing. The clutch hydraulic system is filled with brake fluid. The fluid...

Technical Data and Adjusting Values

Vacuum Tank For 1977 Porsche 924

Timing adjustment 20 before TDC at 2000 r.p.m. 50 r.p.m. Vacuum hoses off. Spark plugs Bosch W 175 TR 30 (WR 7 DS) Champion N 8 GY Electrode gap 0,6 mm (.024) The flywheel is provided with a notch and the number 20 The control valve is closed when the engine is stopped, idling, or at full throttle. Fumes containing evaporated fuel from the tank flow to the charcoal filter where the evaporated fuel is trapped by the activated charcoal. With the engine running at part throttle, the control valve...

Height adjustment

Porsche 930 Turn Signal Relay Location

Centre of torsion bar below wheel centre Max. difference left and right Air intakes have been added above the front bumper and in the front spoiler. An air intake slot has been added to the hood. The rear trunk lid includes a rear spoiler. The spoiler is attached to the frame of the rear window. This required a new rear window and frame. 3 Turn signal flasher indicator light Speedometer with M.P.H. and Km h scales


Gear Shaft Connection

The 924 turbo 5-speed has several modifications. The ratio for the final drive, and the ratios for all of the gears except 5th have been changed. Comparison 5-speed transmissions 1 Reinforced input shaft for connection to 25 mm dia. drive shaft. 2 Seal for input shaft, new adapted to changed shaft dia. 3 1st gear machined on input shaft. 4 Cyl. roller bearings new ID changed, OD as before. 5 2nd gear new with flange on both sides. 6 Spacing sleeve between 2nd and 3rd gear shorter now same part...

Oxygen Sensor System

During recent years the laws which regulate exhaust gas emissions have become increasingly strict. The constant volume sampling or CVS test is used deformine allowable limits of hydrocarbons, carbon-monoxide and oxides of nitrogen. It is possible to meet the present emission limits with secondary air injection, catalytic converter and E.G.R. exhaust gas recirculation . This emission control system has a number of disadvantages o The E.G.R. system increases fuel consumption considerably and...


Control Pressure Regulator Porsche 924

E Throttle valve switch full throttle 2 to ground near relay board 3 to radiator fan relay 87 4 to relay board terminal H 30 5 to radiator fan relay 30 6 to fuel pump relay 16 r.p.m. signal 8 to fuel pumps, control pressure regulator, The frequency valve A is located below the throttle housing. Both micro-switches B are mounted on the bottom of the throttle housing. The oxygen sensor is threaded into the exhaust manifold on the right side of the engine. The oxygen sensor control unit is located...


Porsche 924 Turbo Pistons

The pistons nominal dia 86.5 mm are provided with a combustion chamber approx. 17 mm deep compression ratio e 7.5 1 . The installation position is identified by an arrow punched into piston crown pointing toward V-belt pulley . The piston pin bore is offset from center by 1.5 mm. The cylinder bores and piston dias are subdivided into 3 tolerance groups. Tolerance Group Cylinder Bore Piston Dia 0.007 Groove I rectangular compression ring 86.5 x 79.3 x 1.5 Groove 11 baffle-taper compression ring...

Filling Capacities

Manual transmission and differential Total oil capacity 5.5 liters 5.8 qts Oil change with filter 5 liters 5.3 qts Difference between min. and max. on oil dipstick approx. 1.2 liters 1.3 qts Use HD oil labled for API classification SE Viscosity 20 w 50 not below -15 C 5 F 15 w 50 10 w 40 approx. 8 liters 8.5 qts coolant factory fill safe to 25 C. approx. 2.5 liters 2.6 qts Hypoid gear oil SAE 80 W 90 or SAE 90 of API classification GL 5 or MIL-L 2105 B . Windshield washer and headlight cleaner...

Turbocharger System

Systeme Injection Porsche 924

Idle The engine draws-in fresh air through air filter 1 . The air flows across the sensor plate of mixture control unit 2 into intake duct 3 and to compressor 4 of the turbocharger. From here, the intake air is fed to the engine by way of a pressure duct 6 through the throttle valve housing 7 . The exhaust gases are routed through exhaust manifold 10 to turbine 11 of the turbocharger and from there through the catalytic converter and muffler. At idle there is no pressurization of the intake...

Cylinder Head Tightening Specifications

Circuit Lubrification Turbo Porsche 996

Lubricate threads of cylinder head bolts, tighten in steps to 40, 80, 110 Nm. 29.5,59,81 ft . lbs. 2. Retighten bolts after 1 hour engine stopped . Loosen the bolts 1 4 turn and retighten to 110 Nm 81 ft . lbs. . 3. Retighten bolts after test drive, with engine cooled down, as described under 2. Tightening sequence corresponding to numbers on illustration. No retorquing of cylinder heads later is required. The lubrication system of the 924 turbo engine includes the following new...

Ignition System

Porsche 924 Ignition System

The 924 turbo engine has a breakeriess transistorized ignition system. There are two resistor wires leading to the coil. The wire between terminal 15 on the ignition control unit and terminal 15 on ignition coil has a resistance of 1.0 2. The wire between terminal 16 on the starter and terminal 15 on ignition coil has a resistance of 1.5 i2. Note Do not make these wires shorter during repairs.