Clutch Actuation

The clutch is hydraulically actuated.

A servo spring (3) as adjusted by the factory, reduces the pedal effort from approx. 20 kp (44 lbs.) to approx. 15 kp (33 lbs.).

The spring tension can be adjusted by a hex nut to lower clutch pedal effort by as much as 30 % or as little as 8 %.

The clutch is self adjusting, and the clutch lining wear can be checked by removing the rubber plug (7) located on the starter side of the bell housing.

The clutch hydraulic system is filled with brake fluid. The fluid is taken from the brake resevoir through a separate line. The resevoir is subdivided by partitions, so that the operation of the brake system will not be impaired in the event of a leak in the clutch system.

Porsche 924 Turbo 924 Turbo Relays

4 — Knife-edge bearing

5 — Master cylinder dia 19.05

8 - Slave cylinder dia 23.81

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