Cylinder Head Tightening Specifications

When new: 1. Lubricate threads of cylinder head bolts, tighten in steps to: 40, 80, 110 Nm. (29.5,59,81 ft ./lbs.)

2. Retighten bolts after 1 hour (engine stopped). Loosen the bolts 1/4 turn and retighten to 110 Nm (81 ft ./lbs.).

3. Retighten bolts after test drive, with engine cooled down, as described under 2.

Tightening sequence corresponding to numbers on illustration. No retorquing of cylinder heads later is required.

The lubrication system of the 924 turbo engine includes the following new components: an oil cooler in front; oil filter flange with a thermostat for the oil cooler; delivery and return lines for the turbocharger.

Circuit Lubrification Turbo Porsche 996

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