A — Electronic control unit

B — Oxygen sensor relay

D — Throttle valve switch (idle)

E — Throttle valve switch (full throttle)

F — Frequency valve

G — Test connection

8 — to fuel pumps, control pressure regulator, and auxiliary air regulator

Control Pressure Regulator Porsche 924

The frequency valve (A) is located below the throttle housing.

Both micro-switches (B) are mounted on the bottom of the throttle housing.

924 Turbo Engine

The oxygen sensor is threaded into the exhaust manifold on the right side of the engine.

The oxygen sensor control unit is located in the passenger compartment below the steering column. The R .P.M. relay is attached to the control unit.

Oxygen Micro Sensor

A warning light on the dash comes on after 30.000 miles to remind the driver to have the oxygen sensor system serviced. The light also comes on when the ignition is switched on and go out after the engine has started as a test for the bulb.

A mileage counter with reset button is located in the engine compartment, below the brake master cylinder.

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