Engine Ignition System Fuel System 924 Turbo

Electric Circuit of Fuel Pump and Ignition System - 924 Turbo

C — Thermo-time switch D — Cold start valve E — Auxiliary air regulator F — Control pressure regulator G — Boost pressure limiting switch K — Fuel pump relay L — Fuel pumps M — Ignition coil N — Distributor 0 — Ignition control unit a — To tachometer term. 1 b — Plug, 6-pin c — Plug, 7-pin

Adjustment Values:

Ignition timing:

Spark plugs:

20° before TDC at 2000 rpm ± 50 rpm vacuum hoses

Bosch WR 7 DS Champion N 8 GY Electrode gap: 0,6 mm 0.024' Ignition timing mark on flywheel

Porsche 924 Fuel System Diagram

The brake system of 1980 924 models has a larger brake booster (9" instead of 7") and also a larger brake master cylinder having a piston diameter of 23.81 mm (instead of 20.64 mm). All other parts of the brake system are the same, except for different line connections on the brake master cylinder.

The following optional tires are available in addition to the standard tires.


Rim, front and rear Tire, front and rear

205/55 VR 16

205/60 HR 15

+1 -3

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