Fuel Evaporation Control System

The control valve is closed when the engine is stopped, idling, or at full throttle. Fumes containing evaporated fuel from the tank flow to the charcoal filter where the vaporated fuel is trapped by the activated charcoal.

With the engine running at part throttle, the control valve is open. Fresh air is drawn from the air cleaner through the charcoal filter and into the intake duct at the air-sensor housing. The evaporated fuel is drawn out of the activated charcoal and burnt up in the engine along with the normal air/fuel mixture.

1 Carbon canister

2 Expansion chamber

3 Fuel tank

4 Fuel return line

5 Fuel pump

6 Accumulator

7 Filter

8 Fuel distributor

9 Fuel injection lines

10 Vent line

11 Intake manifold

12 Air cleaner

13 Control valve

14 Safety valve

15 Vacuum control line

A - Tank flap (shown offset 90°) B — Sealing neck C — Water drain

D — Right side storage compartment E — Vent line F — Expansion tank G — Fuel tank H — Vent line I — Cut-off valve K — To Carbon canister s^W * * y r/VH 2 y r I

Fuel Line Vent Valve

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