Figure A

3rd/4th GearShift Plane - NEUTRAL

Lockpin (4) is resting with full diameter on locking disc (2). Selector arm (1a) is turned when making 3rd/4th gear shift. Locking disc (2) must also turn via the stops of opening "N" so that lockpin (4) remains in the illustrated position.

Figure B

5th/Reverse Gear Shift Plane — 5th Gear Engaged

Selector shaft (1) must be pushed in direction of arrow to get into the 5th gear shift plane. This will mean having the face of lockpin (4) partially above opening "0" of the selector arm. If 5th gear is engaged, selector shaft (1) will be turned and lockpin (4) can now engage in the free opening "S" and "0" of locking disc (2) and selector arm (1a). It is not possible to shift into reverse gear, since the selector shaft (1) would have to be turned in the opposite direction. Locking disc (2) would then rest against lockpin (4) and spring (3) of locking disc (2) would have so much tension that locking disc (2) would be positioned in opening "N" of the selector arm. Consequently further turning of the selector shaft (1) and shifting into reverse gear would not be possible.

Figure C

5th/Reverse Gear Shift Plane

Reverse Engaged

Reverse gear can only be engaged from neutral. The selector shaft (1) would be pushed in direction of arrow. Lockpin (4) is resting with full diameter on locking disc (2) and selector arm (1a), the selector shaft can be turned and reverse gear can be engaged.

New Steering Shaft

The deformation element (lattice) in the steering shaft has been omitted. A telescoping shaft with a support disc is installed for 1981 models.


The 924 models are standard with a 21 mm dia. stabilizer on the front axle.

Torsion Bar — Rear Axle

All 924 models have torsion bars with a 23.5 mm diameter (was previously only installed in cars with stabilizers on front and rear axles).

Brake Fluid Level Indicator Light

The brake fluid resevoir has a float. If the fluid level is too low (below min. mark), the indicator light is grounded via an electric contact switch and the light comes on.

Low Brake Fluid Pressure Symbol

The brake fluid level indicator light is also used to report failure of a brake circuit. Consequently both brake and indicator light switches on the master cylinder have been omitted.

A mechanically operated switch mounted on a bracket above the brake pedal serves as a stop light switch. The switch can be adjusted.


— Brake pedal released

— Adjust distance between stop light switch and brake pedal to 5 mm.

New Switch Symbols

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