Filling Capacities

Engine Total oil volume approx. 4.5 + 0.5 liters approx. 5.5 liters

(as measured with oil dipstick)

Difference volume between min. and max. marks on dipstick = approx. 1.2 liters approx. 1.6 liters

Brand name HD oil for internal combustion engines conforming with API Classification SE or SF. For all year operation (oil change every 10,000 km) MULTIGRADE OIL of viscosity SAE 15 W-40 (after approval) or in summer SAE 30, in winter SAE 20 for constant temp. - 15 ° C to 0 ° C SAE 20 W 20, SAE 10 W for temp, below - 15 °C

Cooling system, including heater approx. 7 liters of coolant plant antifreeze for protection to —25 °C (Northern Countries to -35 °C)

Manual transmission and differential approx. 2.5 Itr. of hypoid gear lube SAE 80 W-90 of API Classification GL 4 (Ml L-L 2105)

approx. 2.5 Itr. of hypoid gear lube SAE 90 of API Classification GL 5 (MlL-L 2105 B)

approx. 2.5 Itr. of hypoid gear lube SAE 80 W-90 of API Classification GL 4

Automatic transmission

Fuel tank Brake fluid tank

Total volume 6 liters of ATF DEXRON B, converter volume approx. 3.5 liters, watch mark on oil filling tank, final drive approx. 1 liter SAE 90 GL 5 (MlL-L 2105 B) (service life filling)

approx. 62 liters of which 9 in reserve approx. 0.2 liter. Only use brake fluid specified in SAE J 1703 or DOT 3

not applicable not applicable approx. 84 liters of which 7 in reserve approx. 62 liters of which 9 in reserve

Windshield washer and headlight cleaners approx. 6.0 liter

DIMENSIONS (at DIN curbweight) Wheel base Front track width Rear track width


Length with light alloy bumper and impact absorbers (optional extra)



Ground clearance (at max. total weight)

Curved road surface clearance

Front overhang angle, limited by front spoiler (at max. total weight)

Rear overhang angle, limited by exhaust (at max. total weight)

2400 mm 1418 mm 1372 mm

4212 mm

4290 mm 1685 mm 1270 mm 125 mm

2400 mm/94.488 in. 1418 mm/55.886 in. 1372 mm/54.015 in.

4320 mm/170.078 in.

1685 mm/66.338 in. 1270 mm/49.999 in. 125 mm/ 4.921 in.

1392 mm/54.803 in.

4212 mm/165.826 in. 4290 mm/168.898 in.

1375 mm Standard/ 1394 mm M-equip-ment

4320 mm/170.078 in.

Adjusting Values/Survey of Equipment


Europe, Rest of World 924 924 Turbo

USA, California

924 924 Turbo

Engine Type (RHD)


M 31/03


M 31 /04

Valve play (warm)

Intake mm Exhaust mm

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