016/8 MD

G 31/01

016/8 MD

G 31/01

Europe, Rest of World 924 924 Turbo

USA, California

924 924 Turbo

Canada 924

Running gear Front Axle

Coil spring part no.

Stabilizer dia. mm

Rear Axle

Torsion bar dia. mm

Stabilizer dia. mm

Wheel Alignment

(at DIN curbweight)

Front Axle

Toe (pressed with 150 N) Camber

Max. left/right difference Caster

Max. left/right difference Toe difference angle at 20° lock

Rear Axle

Toe (total)

Max. left/right difference Camber

Max. left/right difference Spring strut angle Max. left/right difference

Height Adjustment

Torsion bar center below wheel center mm

Max. left/right difference with front end lifted mm

1° spring strut angle change = change in car height by approx. mm


Front brake pad make Rear brake pad make

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