1 — Ignition control unit

3 — Distributor with HALL sender

4 — Throttle switch

(opens at 8° throttle angle)

5 — Idle stabilizer


The idle stabilizer must be switched off for CO level and idle speed adjustments. Disconnect the connector in the line between the throttle switch and ignition control unit. The plug connection is accessible in the engine compartment on the left wheel housing.

A — To term. 15 on ignition switch B — Connector point (idle stabilizer) C — To acceleration enrichment control unit

Porsche 924 Exhaust Manifold

The front pipe (twin pipe) is a single-piece up to the catalytic converter. The pipe has a flange for the oxygen sensor. The former intermediate flange has been discontinued.

The twin pipe is mounted on the exhaust manifold with 10 mm dia. studs and alien nuts (8 mm wrench size) for easier installation. There is also an intermediate plate with sealing rings to improve the seal between the exhaust manifold and twin pipe.

Manual Transmission

The transmission case (A), gear carrier (B) and rear transmission cover (C) are new.

The transmission cover has been strengthened and the ribs are different.

The hole pattern of the gear carrier is different (transmission cover — gear carrier bolts).

Lockpin Images924turbo Ignition Upgrade

Transmission Case

The reverse gear lock-out formerly in a separate external housing has been moved inside in the transmission case.

3 -Spring

4 - Lockpin with housing

6 — Spring retainer

— Transmission case — Gear carrier — Transmission cover

All locking parts (2 to 6) have been changed, including the selector shaft (1). The selector arm (1a) has been redesigned to make up the reverse gear lock-out together with the locking disc (2) and lockpin (4).

Operation of Reverse Gear Lock-out

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