Drive Shaft/Central Tube Assembly

The Drive shaft is stronger and has a diameter of 25 mm (runs on 4 bearings as previously). The guide bearings in the central tube have been adapted to the 25 mm drive shaft diameter.


The 924 Turbo for 1981 is equipped with the five speed manual transmission from the 1980 924 with several modifications.

Transmission Type 016 G MB = for USA, Canada

Differences with 924 Manual Transmission 016/9 MF

— Input shaft stronger with 25 mm dia. for connection to 25 mm dia. drive shaft

— Input shaft runs in 4 bearings

— New seal for input shaft to match changed shaft diameter. Sealing tube for input shaft/ transmission case omitted

— New transmission case revised for 4 bearing input shaft

— Pinion/gear ring ratio 9/35

— 3rd gear ratio 24/35 4th gear ratio 28/31

- Survey of Engine, Transmission and Chassis Numbers

- Full Throttle, Transmission and Acceleration Diagrams

- Specifications

- Adjusting Values, Survey of Equipment

Survey of Engine, Chassis and Transmission Number Ranges

As of the 1981 model year (B program) all cars will have an internationally uniform 17-digit chassis number.

Explanation of Digits

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