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Wiring Diagram 924 Turbo (USA, Canada) - Ignition System and Oxygen Sensor System m-rX

1 — Oil pressure sensor

2 — Thermo-time switch

4 — Auxiliary air regulator

5 - Control pressure regulator

6 — Coolant temperature sensor

7 — Boost pressure limit switch

10 — Intake air temperature sensor

11 — Throttle switch

12 — Coolant temperature switch (new)

13 — Frequency valve

14 — Flywheel sensor

15 — Ignition coil

16 — Ignition control unit

18 — Acceleration enrichment control unit (new) jp

19 — Oxygen sensor control unit i

20 — Fuel pump relay with rpm limiter

A — Test plug connection

B — To central electric board plug C 15

a — Coolant temperature gauge b — Ignition switch term. 50

c — Oil pressure gauge d — Oil pressure indicator light e - Fuel pump i -CZZZH! i isi.

Porsche 924 Lighting Diagram


The engine's power output is 115 kW / 154 SAE net H. P.; formerly 110 kW (143 SAE net H. P.).

The pistons have a centric recess. Because of the new pistons the compression ratio is now 8.0 : 1 (formerly 7.5 : 1).

The mixture control unit (fuel distributor and air flow sensor) is not different in tuning than that of 1980 model year.

The air flow sensor for USA cars is new.

The 924 Turbo engines for USA have an antitamper plug for the CO adjustment. The bore providing access to the CO adjusting screw in the air-flow sensor is plugged with a 6 mm dia. steel ball (as for the normal 924 engine).

Air flow sensor code: 0438 120 152.


The Canada version cars don't have an antitamper plug (adjustments as before).

New control pressure regulator with temperature switch (see 924 USA for description of Operation)

Diagram for Control Pressure

Control pressure "cold" (equalling outside temperature)

Part No.: 931.606.105.01 Bosch Code: 0438 140 091

bar kp/cm3 3,5

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