924 Control Unit For Acceleration Enrichment

Fuel system 3

Tank vent 13

Ignition system with Hall sender 14

Idle Stabilizer 18

Exhaust system 20

Manual transmission 21

Running gear 23

Equipment - 25

Longterm warranty

Engine 31

Crankcase vent 32

Fuel system 34

Ignition system 36

Oxygen sensor with acceleration enrichment 44

Manual transmission 47


Chassis, engine and transmission number ranges 50 ... 51

Specifications 54 ... 62

Adjusting values, survey of equipment 63 ... 65

Porsche 924 - 924 Turbo - 1981 Model Year

This brochure has 3 sections.

— 924, modifications for 1981 models

— 924 Turbo, modifications for 1981 models

— Specifications / Diagrams / Survey of Equipment / Testing and Adjusting Values - 924 — All Types

The following modifications have been made on the Porsche 924 for 1981.

— Ignition system with Hall sensor and electronic idle stabilizer

— New steering column switch

— Two-tone horn from 924 Turbo

— New symbols for controls

— Standard front stabilizer bar

— Brake fluid level indicator

— Carpet trim on center console

The various modifications will be described in the following text.

Cold Start Valve Porsche 924

Air Cleaner

The air cleaner cover has a new intake neck to reduce the amount of air intake noise.

Fuel Pump (short neck version) 924, 924 Turbo

The EKP IV fuel pump is fitted with a removable check valve. As of the 1981 model year the fuel pump is identical to the 911 .'

Fuel pump part no. 911.608.102.02 Bosch code 0580 254 967

Porsche 924 Turbo Fuel Injection

Fuel injection lines are made of steel and have a straight connection on the fuel injectors.

Temperature Switch for Control Pressure Reduction

The temperature switch was changed to improve warm start behavior. The switching point is 35 °C (previously 45 °C).


When starting the engine the cold start valve (6) and from there the solenoid (1) are supplied with power from the starter via term. 50 (red/black wire, term. 3 on 7-pin round plug behind the ignition coil). When coolant temperature is above + 35 °C the temperature switch (2) will make ground contact with the solenoid. The solenoid valve opens and the fuel return flow is direct from the control pressure line to the tank return.

The control pressure will drop (to about 0.6 bar) and the sensor plate will move higher during starting.

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