Vacuum Ignition Control Curve Type 924 USA Canada


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Ignition Control Unit/Idle Stabilizer

All cars of Type 924 for USA and Canada will be fitted with Hall ignition and an electronic idle stabilizer.

The idle stabilizer is on the ignition control unit.

The ignition control unit is mounted on a heat sink at the left front of the engine compartment.

3 — Mounting screw

Operation of Idle Stabilizer

At idle the 8° microswitch (4) will be closed. This connects the idle stabilizer control unit with ground and makes it ready for operation. When the 8° switch is opened, the ground connection will be broken and the idle stabilizer switched off.

The idle stabilizer receives speed signals from the distributor, which are forwarded as ignition timing trigger signals to the ignition control unit.

The idle speed is stabilized to a constant 800 rpm. If the speed drops when switching on other equipment, e. g. air conditioner compressor, the ignition timing will be advanced and the speed stabilized.

The idle stabilizer works in a speed range between 450 and 900 rpm. It regulates the idle speed to about 800 rpm always, even if the basic idle setting is adjusted slightly too low.

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