Asensor Circuit

Turn on ignition.

Set program switch to i-1.

Set temperature switch to 24.

The temperature mixing flap control unit operating motor is mounted on the left side (right side for RHD) of the air guide housing and operates the mixing flaps by way of a lever and linkage. The position of the operating motor can be felt with a finger between the operating motor and air guide housing.

Now move the temperature switch slowly in direction of 18 — the operating motor lever must move down (cooling) at the same speed. In position 18 the lever should be all the way down (max. cooling).

Now move the temperature switch slowly toward 30. The lever must also move slowly upwards (heating). At position 30 the lever must be all the way up.

There is a fault in the sensor circuit or operating motor, if there is no step-by-step regulation.

The sensor circuit comprises the outside sensor, inside sensor, control switch and control unit operating motor.

See test point 1.

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