How Do Various CELs Differ

CEL 1978 — Was fitted with a diode group in relay socket XI. Fuse no. 13 not used.

CEL 1979 — Diode group omitted. Speed relay (air conditioner) used in socket XI. Terminals 30 and 87 bridged if car is without air conditioner. Fuse no. 13 not used.

CEL 1980 — Speed relay XI omitted. New circuitry because of new main light wiring (combination relay instead of separate relays). Fuse no. 13 and 7 not used.

CEL 1981 — Fuse positions changed (instrument light regulation changed). Fuse no. 13 and 10 not used.

CEL 1982 — Changed circuitry. Starter relay XIV for all models (bridge on plug in spare wheel well for cars with manual transmission). Fuse no. 13 and 10 not used.

CEL 1983 - Changed circuitry - NEW! Relay IX (kickdown relay) only for 4th gear automatic transmission, relay XII (fog lamps for US cars). CEL 05 can be installed in 1983 models, insofar as they are not fitted with a 4-speed automatic transmission or US equipment. CEL 06 can be used in place of CEL 05.

CEL 1984- USA - new circuitry for ABS.

Fuse no. 10 and 22 not used.

CEL 1984 — Completely new circuitry for ABS, LH-Jetronic and EZF ignition. 2nd ground lead from CEL ABS relay. 4-pin plug socket Y used for ABS. Fuse no. 10 and 22 not used.

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