Changing Coolant And Bleeding System

Note: Engine must be cold.

7. Run engine to operating temperature and recheck coolant level.

Coolant level should be in the middle of the header tank.

4. Unscrew coolant drain plugs on left and righthand sides of crankcase and drain coolant.

1. Set heater lever at "warm".

2. Remove cap on header tank.

3. Unscrew drain plug on radiator and drain coolant.

5, Replace seals for drain plugs on crankcase and o-ring for drain plug on radiator.

Tightening Torques: Radiator plug 0,2 mkp (1,5 ft/lbs) Coolant drain plugs 4.5 - 5.0 mkp (32 36 ft/lbs)

6. Add coolant until level reaches edge of filler opening (heater lever at "warm").

Changing Coolant and Bleeding System

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