Checking And Adjusting Parking Brake

Parking brake must be adjusted if brake lever can be pulled up by more than 4 teeth (of a total of 6} with average force.

5. Pull parking brake lever up 2 teeth and turn adjusting nut until wheels can still be rotated by hand (at 4 teeth brake disc must be locked).

1. Jack up car and remove rear wheels.

2. Release parking brake and press rear disc brake pads back until brake disc can be turned easily.

3. Loosen adjusting nut on clamp far enough, that cable is without tension.

4. Turn adjuster with a screwdriver inserted through hole in brake disc until brake disc cannot be turned. Now turn adjuster back until brake disc can be turned freely.

6, Release parking brake lever and check, whether both discs turn freely.

7. Tighten lock nut.

42 Adjusting Parking Brake

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