1. Loosen and remove toothed belt cover 3. Check entire length oi toothed belt for upper section on righthand side {cyl. 1—4). wear and damage.

4. Check tension of toothed belt between tensioning roller and camshaft sprocket. It should be just possible to twist the belt 90° (engine should be ai T.D.C. for this check).

Printed in Germany


Printed in Germany

Checking and Adjusting Toothed Bell 5

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Toothed belt adjusting bolt is located on bottom of engine at front righthand side.

Loosen locknut of adjusting bolt and turn bolt until toothed belt is correctly tensioned. Tighten locknut. Turn engine two complete revolutions and recheck be!t tension.

Turning bolt in — tightens belt Turning bolt out — loosens belt

Checking and Adjusting Toothed Belt Printed in Germany

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