Lifting Car 1

Replacing V-belts 3

Checking and Adjusting V-belts 4

Checking and Adjusting Toothed Belt 5

Changing Engine Oil and Filter 7

Changing Coolant and Bleeding System 8

Checking Cooling System for Leaks g

Replacing Fuei Filter TO

Replacing Air Cleaner Element H

Adjusting Idle Speed and CO 12

Replacing Filter Element of Air Pump 15

Checking Tightness of Exhaust Flanges 15

Checking Battery 17

Ignition Components 19

Cautions when Repairing Electronic Ignition System 20

Adjusting Ignition Timing 21

Distributor Specifications 23

Replacing Spark Plugs 24

Checking Clutch Pedal Free-Play 25

Checking Clutch Linings for Wear 26

Removing and Installing Clutch 27

Changing Transmission Oil 30

Adjusting Front Wheel Bearings 31 Checking Protective Boots of Ball Joints and

Tie Rod Ends on Front Axle 32

Alignment Specifications 33

Suspension Height Adjustment 34

Checking and Adjusting Wheel Alignment 35

Checking Thickness of Brake Pads 37

Removing and Installing Brake Pads 38

Adjusting Brake Pedal Push-Rod Free-Play 41

Checking and Adjusting Parking Brake 42

Checking and Adjusting Power Steering 43

Removing and Installing Steering Wheel 45

Adjusting Headlight Spray Nozzles ' 47

Aiming Headlights 48

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