How Tight Shoud The Power Seteering Belt Be Porsche 928

The following must be performed at each inspection.

1. Check power steering pump v-belt (see page 4).

2. Check steering system for leaks (visual inspection).

3. Check fluid level in reservoir. Fluid: AT F DEXRON.

Checking V-belt tension (see page 4). Checking Steering System for Leaks

1. With engine running, turn steering wheel to lock and hold. This produces maximum pressure in hydraulic lines.

2. Check all line connections for leaks in this position and tighten if necessary.

Checking V-belt Tension 43

Checking Steering System for Leaks

Checking Fluid Level of Power Steering

1. Remove reservoir cap. Note

Reservoir is mounted at left front of engine compartment.

Bleeding Steering System

1, With engine running at idle speed fill reservoir to maximum mark.

2. Turn steering wheel back and forth between locks quickly to let air escape from cylinders. To avoid excessive pressures do not apply additional force after steering has reached full lock.

3. Observe fluid level during this procedures and refill as necessary. Continue bleeding until no more bubbles appear in the reservoir.

2. With engine running at operating temperature fluid level should be at the mark on the reservoir. If necessary, add ATF Dexron.

4. With engine stopped, fluid level in reservoir must not rise by more than 5 mm.


If fluid levels for a stopped engine and a running engine deviate from each other by more than 5 mm, there is too much air trapped in the hydraulic system.

3. Reinstall cap making sure that seal fits properly.

Checking Power Steering Fluid Level Bleeding Steering System

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