A 54 3

3. Install adjusted complete part in car and mount on clutch pedal.

4. Take piece of wire out of guide rod and adjust clutch pedal to final position.

A Assembly bore

1 Bearing

5. Mount clutch push rod on pedal. Check push rod adjustment and correct if required.

2 Clutch power spring

3 Spring retainer

4 Washer

5 Winged nut

6 Guide rod

7 Bearing sieeve

2. Adjust clutch power spring. Distance A between inside of spring retainer and center of bearing shaft should be 43 mm*. If necessary, correct by turning the winged nut.

* As of MY '92, dimension A is 21 mm. At the same time, the parts listed under item 1 have been modified.

Removing and installing Clutch Spring

Printed in Germany - XXVII, 1991

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