Porsche 928 Clutch Dowel Pins

8. Mount release bearing sleeve.

9. Connect release lever at ball stud. Place ball stud and ball socket opposite each other and press down release lever toward the rear until the lever engages.

10. First mount coupling on central shaft I. Center bores of coupling on shafts accurately. Install cover for clutch bell housing and slave cylinder.


Location of slave cylinder piston rod can be checked through inspection hole.

11. Install lower body brace, if applicable, positioning correctly. Protruding support plate on lower body brace must face forward to cover for clutch bell housing.


Differences in tolerances could make it difficult to guide in the dowel pin-centered clutch. Should this apply, position the centering pins as for removal in point 8. Guide in clutch and insert mounting bolts. Drive in centering pins after they have been aligned with the flywheel bores (reposition pressure plate for this purpose). After tightening the mounting bolts, drive in centering pins until they are flush with the pressure plate.

7, The forks of the stop brackets must rest on the stop of the intermediate plate on the flywheel end on both sides. This will produce a gap of 0.7 to 1.0 mm or 1.2 to 1.5 mm (see sketch). Push back the 3 forks of the stop brackets uniformly on both sides with a screwdriver (in direction of pressure plate). This alone will guarantee proper function of the clutch and stop brackets.

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