Abs Components

The electronic control unit is located above the hood release handle on driver's side of car (above central electric board in RHD cars).

The control unit uses the speed sensor signals to calculate the necessary control and regulation commands for the hydraulic unit.

Hydraulic Unit

The hydraulic unit is located on the left front wheel house wall. It processes the electric signals coming from the electronic control unit.

The hydraulic unit can change the hydraulic pressure to the wheel brake cylinders independently of pressure in the brake master cylinder. However, a higher pressure than that of the brake master cylinder is not possible. Depending on the amperage, with which the electric solenoid valves are activated, the hydraulic pressure in wheel brake cylinders can be increased maintained reduced

— pressure building-up phase,

— pressure holding phase, or

— pressure dropping phase.

Speed Sensors

Speed sensors are arranged on all four wheels. These inductive sensors are held in area of pulse gear rings of front wheel hubs or wheel end shafts on rear axle and produce an alternating voltage for each pulse tooth. This alternating voltage changes its frequency to indicate speed, acceleration and deceleration of wheels, and is processed in the control unit.

Porshe 928s Electrical Diagram

1 - Speed sensor

2 - Wire holder

3 - Speed sensor wire

944 Turbo Ignition Switch Replacement

Printed in Germany - Vlli, 1984

Components - ABS 45 - 05

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