Camshaft installation type 928 S4 928 GTS 54 I15 124a

Printed in Germany - XXVII, 1991


1. Unscrew and remove cross member.


Car standing on its own wheels. Cross member has tension.

2. Remove air intake hoses and complete air cleaner.

3. Loosen hose clamps on intake air distributor and take off intake air distributor.

4. Remove distributor cover, distributor rotor, toothed belt upper section and cylinder head cover.

5. Turn crankshaft clockwise to align the 45° before TDC mark (cylinder no. 1) on vibration damper with cast boss of middle toothed belt cover.

6. Loosen toothed belt with the toothed belt tensioner and take toothed belt off of camshaft sprocket.

7. Unscrew camshaft bolt and take sprocket, drive hub and woodruff key off of exhaust camshaft.

8. Unscrew and take off rear toothed belt cover.

9. Loosen and remove camshaft seals.

Porsche 928 Camshafts

10. Set marks on camshafts to face up by turning exhaust camshaft with a 27 mm open - end wrench.

Kempf 928 Timing Belt Tool


At the 45° mark camshafts can be turned without damaging the valves.

11. Unscrew and remove chain tensioner. Note

Chain tensioner piston has spring force. Compress piston for removal and hold together with a suitable piece of wire after removing.

13. Release special tool uniformly and remove both camshafts with chain carefully.


14. Place intake camshaft and exhaust camshaft in timing chain.

Porsche 928 CamshaftsPorsche 928s4


Place both camshafts in timing chain such that the marks of the camshafts or the cast noses are aligned with marked chain links. Lubricate bearing surfaces with oil and carefully place timing chain in bearings.

The distance between the markings on the inlet and outlet camshafts is 7 outer links of the chain, and/or aprox. 113 mm spacing between the cast lugs.


The crankshaft must be at the 45° before ignition TDC (cylinder 1) mark so that the valves do not contact the piston crown.

15.Secure camshafts in cylinder head with Special Tool 9226.

16.Install bearing bridges and bearing covers of camshafts. Bearing bridges and covers are machined with the cylinder head and must always be installed together. Note identifier and pairing code.

Tightening torque of bearing bridge and covers M 6 10 Nm

Porsche 928 Camshafts

17. Apply Loctite 674 to mating surfaces of front and rear double-bearing bridges.

18. Recheck camshaft correlation with gage from Special Tool Set 9226.

19. Use Special Tool assembly sleeve 9233 and pressure piece 9234 to drive in sealing ring on the camshaft input side. Oil sealing lip before assembly.

1986 Porsche 928 Cam Timing Adjust Tool


The camshaft adjustment gauges for cylinders 1 and 5 are discontinued as from model year 87, engine type M 28. 41/42

2. The timing chains must always be replaced after a toothed belt has failed, if the pistons have caused damage to the valves. Sprockets and chain tensioners must be subjected to a thorough visual inspection.

Porsche 928 Camshafts

15 - 128 Removing and Installing Camshafts XXN.1988 - Printed in Germany

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