Checking and adjusting camshaft setting Type 928 GTS 54 I

Engine Type M 28.49/50


Along with the introduction of new camshafts as of MY '92 for engine type M 28.49/50 928 GTS, the camshaft timing was changed.


Cylinder bank 1 ...4 Checking and setting dimension; 1.83 ±0.1 mm

Cylinder bank 5...8 Checking and setting dimension: 2.08 ±0.1 mm

To adjust the camshafts, proceed in the order described on page 15 - 134.

Checking and adjusting camshaft setting, Type 928 GTS (5,4 I)

Printed in Germany - XXVII, 1991

Adjusting The Camshaft

17-2 Removing and Installing Lubricating System Parts

VI, 1982 - Printed in Germany

No. Description

1 Magnetic plug

4 I Seal

6 | Washer

7 j Oil level supply switch Gasket Bolt

10 I Bolt

11 Washer

12 Washer

13 Oil pan

14 Oil pan gasket

15 Bolt 10 Washer

17 Oil filter screen

18 Bolt

19 Washer

20 Oil pan insert

21 Bolt '¿2 Washer 23 Socket head bolt


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