Checking And Adjusting Drive Belt


1. Loosen and remove drive belt cover upper sections on both sides.

2. Turn engine in direction of rotation to TDC (cylinder 1). In this position marks on camshaft sprockets must be aligned with marks on flange bearings.

3. Turn engine two more turns until TDC mark is reached again and check drive belt for damage and wear at the same time.

4. Check drive belt tightness between tension roller and camshaft sprocket on relaxed section of belt with Special Tool 9131. Drive belt tightness is correct when right mark is between both left marks and special tool rests on rear drive belt cover. (Engine must be positioned for this test as described in point 2.)

Adjusting Note

Drive belt adjusting screw is located on bottom of engine at front right-hand side.

Loosen locknut of adjusting screw and turn adjusting screw until drive belt tightness is correct. Tighten locknut. Turn engine two turns and recheck tightness of drive belt.

Screw tightened — tightens belt Screw loosened — loosens belt

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