Checking Coolant System

3. An adapter (made locally) will be required to connect the tester on the T-adapter.

1, Mount cap on tester.

2. Produce pressure with hand pump. Pressure valve should open between 0. 9 and 1. 15 bar.

Porsche 928 Fuel Pump Wiring Diagram

Material: steel pipe St 35 12x3

4. Build up about 1 bar pressure in cooling system by pumping. Pressure valve in cap must open between 0. 9 and 1,15 bar.

5, Visually inspect the following parts for leaks.

Engine block: Water pump

Cylinder head gasket Thermostat housing Hose connections Cylinder head mounting studs

Radiator: Bleeder neck

Water drain plug Hose connections Oil cooler cap Temperature switch or Plug

Heater: Hose connections

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