Checking Oil Pressure

1. Drain engine oil.

2. Remove oil filter and oil pressure sensor.

3. Screw oil pressure tester VW 1342 in conjunction with M 10 x 1 adapter, Part No. 999.105.013.02, and M 10 x 1 / M 18 x 1.5 adapter. Part No. 901.101.175.01, in plug opening for oil thermostat housing in place of the oil pressure sensor. Mount oil filter and add oil.

5. Have a second person raise the engine speed to 4000 rpm.

6. Read oil pressure on tester. Value must be higher than 5 bar {73 psi).

Porsche 928 Oil Pressure

4. Run engine to operating temperature (about 80°C/176°F).

Printed in Germany - VIII, 1984 Checking Oil Pressure 17-9

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    Where is the oil pressure sender located on 968 porshe?
    7 years ago

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