3. Move selector valve to position 2 and wait until "warm" control pressure is reached.

4. Take off bridge at terminals 30 and 87.

5. Observe pressure drop on pressure gauge and compare it with Testing and Adjusting Data on page 25 - 6,

1. Check valve in pressure neck of electric fuel pump(s).

2. Cold start valve.

3. O-ring in system pressure regulator.

4. Fuel injector(s).

Possible Leaks in Control Pressure Circuit:

Pressure relief/residual pressure valve.

6. If pressure drop is too fast, repeat test with control pressure circuit broken by moving selector valve to position 3. If results are the same, leak is in system pressure circuit. If results of second test are good, leak is in control pressure circuit.

CHECKING CONTROL PRESSURE "COLD" (Vacuum Controlled Control Pressure Regulator)

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