Disassembling And Assembling Manual Transmission


1. Mount transmission on assembly stand with special tool 9149 and drain transmission oil.

Porsche Transmission

5. Remove circlip for countershaft and take out countershaft.

6. Remove circlip for input shaft.

2. Remove differential (see page 39 -1).

3. Engage 5th gear, drive out roll pin (A) for shift finger and only then (when spring is relaxed) split pin (B) for spring support.

Disassembling order is important, since otherwise the accelerated split pin (B) could cause injury.

7. Remove bearing cover by turning and pulling. Remove O-ring and pull out input shaft with special tools 9140 and 9148.


Always first remove the countershaft and lower cluster gear to bottom of transmission.

Porsche 928 Oil Pan Removal Instructions

4. Drive out split pins for selector forks and remove selector rods toward rear (toward differential).

8. Remove pinion shaft mounting bolts, mount special tool 9144 on the bearing unit and turn this unit until reverse shaft can be removed with special tool VW 771.


Reverse shafts without threads are driven out from the inside with a suitable mandrel after removal of the pinion shaft.

9. Press out pinion shaft with special tools 9148 and P 263.

A-US 1078 or 40-19


1. Stick thrust washer for cluster gear on case with a little grease.

2. Place assembled cluster gear in case.

3. Drive in assembled input shaft without synchromesh parts over outer race of grooved ball bearing against stop with a suitable piece of pipe or mandrel, applied alternately.

Ring And Pinion Installation Tools

4, Insert O-ring for bearing cover and lubricate lightly with oil.

5. Install bearing cover and circlip.

6. Swing transmission on assembly stand so that input shaft faces down.

7. Insert needle cage and thrust washer in input shaft.

8. Place synchromesh parts for 5th gear on clutch unit.

9. Place reverse gear wheel in case as shown in figure.

Porsche 928 Clutch

10. Screw centering pins (locally made) for installation of pinion shaft in case and install shims S3 of determined thickness and quantity.

11. Mount special tool 9144 on pinion shaft bearing cover and guide in pinion shaft carefully. Watch out especially for the 5th gear synchromesh parts and reverse gear wheel.

A — Centering pins (locally made)


Engage 4th gear to prevent operating sleeve for

4th and 5th gears from slipping.

12. Position reverse gear wheel correctly with a suitable screwdriver, unscrew centering pins for bearing unit and turn latter together with the shims until the reverse shaft can be installed.

13. Turn bearing unit with shims S3 to installed position, remove special tool 9144 and torque mounting bolts to 30 Nm (22 ftlb).

14. Measure distance "Z" between input shaft and pinion shaft (see page 35 - 15).

15. Move countershaft to installed position and install shaft with O-ring, which is given a light coat of oil. Install snap ring.

928 Manual Gearbox Oil Seal

16. Drive in seal for internal selector rod with Special Tool US 8050/9.

Porsche 928 Oil Pan Removal Instructions

17. Engage neutral.

Assembly can be made easier by turning transmission in the assembly stand until the cluster gear falls into its installed position under its own weight.

16. Drive in seal for internal selector rod with Special Tool US 8050/9.

3 — Detent plunger

6 — Detent plunger

7 — Selector rod, 1st and reverse gear

17. Engage neutral.

18. Install selector rods, selector forks and shift interlock components.

Reverse Gear Shift Finger

19. Install internal selector rod with shift finger and springs as shown in figure. Concave surface of spring faces down to selector rod.

20. Turn internal selector rod 180° with Special Tool 9155 and install pin for shift finger. The torsion spring will be under tension in this position and cavity for pointed screw in internal selector rod faces left (looking forward).

A — Spring (concave surface faces down) B — Spring (only for transmissions with reverse gear shift lock)

21. Check by shifting through all gears with Special Tool 9155.

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