Error codeError path

2500 No fault

2000 Output terminated

2112 Idle contact

2113 Full load contact

2114 Engine temperature sensor

2115 Idle/full ioad contact

2121 Load signal from the LH control unit

2126 Transmission safeguard switch

2131 Knock sensor I

2132 Knock sensor II

2133 Knock control in the control unit

2134 Hall generator signal 2141 EZK control unit

The digit 2 may also appear in the second error code digit position {e.g. 2212), indicating "sporadic error", i.e. an occasionally occurring fault.

This does not apply to error code 1000 and 1500.

Resetting the error memory

The error memories of the LH control unit and the EZK control unit must each be reset individually.

Once error diagnosis has been terminated for the LH or EZK control units, this is indicated by error code 1000 for the LH control unit or 2000 for the EZK control unit.

It is only possible to reset the error memories when this error code has appeared. Proceed as follows:

Press the yellow key repeatedly until the function symbol (see display) appears on the function display.


Press the green key until the clear signal appears on the function display.


The error memory has been reset when the LED goes out and the function display changes to 0000.


Function symbol


A test drive must be made after resetting the error memory

Observe the following conditions for this:

1. The engine must be at operating temperature, i.e. at least 176°F.

2. The duration of the test drive (minimum 6 minutes)

3. At the end of the test drive, run the engine for at least 60 seconds without opening the throttle valve.

After the test drive, read out the error memory once again.

Operating conditions for start of diagnosis


Ignition on Engine standing still

Engine running

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