Ignition System

Removing and installing transistorized igniton control unit 28-46

Removing and installing speed/reference mark sensor 28-46

Removing and installing distributor 28-47

Removing and installing TDC sensor 28-48

Removing and installing TDC sender 48-48c

Troubleshooting electronic ignition system 28-49

Equipment survey 28-65

Replacing spark plugs 28-67

EIK control-unit coding 28-69

Checking the transmission protection switch (automatic transmission) 28-71

Equipment table 28-73

Equipment table Type 928 GT - 928 GTS (5,41) 28-74

Ignition circuit temperature sensor, removing and installing 28-75

Checking the ignition circuit monitoring relay 28-77

DME Diagnosing / Troubleshooting D24/28-1

LH-Diagnosis / Troubleshooting D24-11

EZK-Diagnosis / Troubleshooting D28-1

REPLACING FUEL FILTER - up to 1980 Models Rem arks

Fuel filter is located in right rear wheel house behind lock pillar.

1. Take off cover.

2. Detach fuel lines, while counterholding. Catch escaping fuel.

3. Loosen clamp and take off fuel filter.

4. Install new filter, noting direction of flow (arrow).

5. Check for leaks.

Printed in Germany - IV, 1980 Replacing Fuel Filter 20 - 1

- up to 1980 Models

3. Pinch intake line with VW 647 clamp and detach hose. Disconnect electric wires , unscrew hollow bolt, loosen fuel pump clamp and take off fuel pump. Catch escaping fuel.

4. Loosen clamp and take off fuel filter.

5. Install new filter. Watch direction of flow (arrow faces fuel distributor).

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