Important notes on the diagnosis and assessment of RDK faults

When the RDK control unit plug Is disconnected, the display panel shows "RDK SHUT DOWN" after the engine has been started. This display is supplied from the instrument panel.

If a wheel without a pressure sensing switch is fitted to the car, "TIRE PRESSURE LOSS" appears on the display panel after a short time, and the affected wheel is Indicated by an arrow.

The system fault display takes precedence over the pressure loss display (in the event of pressure loss and an RDK fault, the RDK system is shut down).

If tire pressure loss is indicated continuously, inspect the tire for external damage or penetration by foreign bodies, and check the wheel for leaks. Perform the quick RDK test (Page 44-28), in order to determine whether a pressure sensing switch is faulty. If necessary, localize the faulty pressure sensing switch (there are 2 pressure sensing switches for each wheel) with the 9288 system tester, menu 3 = Switch Inputs (pressure sensing switch test).

1991 model cars (with RDK control unit software status from 02 on) have an event memory integrated into the RDK control unit. This enables conclusions to be reached concerning possible leaks at one or more wheels.

The event memory stores data from the last 8 times the car was driven. The event memory is read out with the 9288 system tester; there is no provision for erasing it (Page 44 - 312).

Not all system faults are identified by the RDK control unit as faults (in this connection, refer to Page 44 -305).

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