Vibration damper must be removed again for installation of the camshaft drive belt afterwards.

2. Turn both camshafts until notches in both camshaft sprockets are aligned with marks cast on the camshaft bearing caps.

3. Install camshaft drive belt, always pre-loaded by hand, in the following order.

First on sprocket (1), oil pump sprocket (2), then over sprocket (3) of left camshaft (cyl. 5 through 8), bottom of water pump sprocket (4) and on sprocket (5) of cyl. 1 through 4, and finally over camshaft drive belt tensioning roller (6).

Water Heater Diagram 1984 Sunflyer


Should the teeth of a hand-tightened camshaft drive belt not match the sprocket pitch accurately enough, turn pertinent camshaft sprocket counterclockwise carefully until teeth match.

1984 Porsche 928 Wiring Diagram
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