Porsche 928 Transverse Strut Engine

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1.Disconnect battery ground strap behind tool tray. Place fender and bumper guards in position.

7.Mark vacuum hoses and disconnect. Break electrical connection between thermostatic switch and intake pipe.

2.Unbolt and remove transverse strut.


Car must be standing on its wheels, transverse strut is under tension.

3.Remove air intake hoses and air filter as a complete unit. Disconnect vacuum hose from brake booster and remove.

4.Unbolt bracket for accelerator linkage and TDC sender from intake manifold.

5.Unbolt holder for fuel line and crankcase breather. Remove air-flow sensor.

6.Remove left-hand and right-hand injection-valve covers. Remove both union nuts from fuel-distribution line, counterholding with a second open-ended wrench. Catch any escaping fuel in a suitable container. Disconnect distribution line from intake pipes and lift out.

8.Unbolt fuel-1ine-pressure damper and holder. Disengage throttle valve actuator cable and disconnect plug from throttle valve.

9.Remove air-guide dome from throttle-valve housing. Use Special Tool 9266 to disconnect electrical plug from rotary idle actuator.

Special Tool Sporsche 928


Take care to ensure that the plug gasket remains in the male half once the connection is broken and does not become detached.

Removing and Installing 24 - 223 Rotary Idle Actuator

Rotary Locking Electrical Disconnect

3.Check that vacuum hoses and hose clamps are correctly seated.

Throttle-valve housing to intake manifold attachment, tightening torque 20 Nm (14 ftlb).

Intake manifold to cylinder head attachment, self-locking nuts, tightening torque 15 Nm (11 ftlb).


Special Tool 9266 can also be used to open other 2-pole connectors.

10.Unbolt intake manifold from cylinder head and lift slightly. Disconnect all remaining vacuum and crankcase breather hoses and remove intake manifold.

11.Unbolt throttle-valve housing from intake manifold and remove rotary idle actuator.


1.Always renew gaskets for intake manifold.

Take care to ensure that the vacuum hoses and breather hoses are correctly routed.

2.Carry out visual inspection to check for leaks.

24 - 224 Removing and Installing Rotary Idle Actuator

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