Rear Bumper Porsche 911 Crossmember Bracket Repair

VW Special tool

Please note:

If necessary, use a commercially available carabiner (650 kg load-bearing capacity) to attach engine lifting tackle to workshop hoist.



1.Disconnect ground lead to battery behind tool plate.

Porsche 928 Rear Bumper Removal

2.Place cover over fender and bumper.

3.Unbolt and remove cross member.


Vehicle must be standing on its wheels. Cross member is tensioned.

4.Position lifting platform and engage vehicle jacking points.

5.Disconnect hoses for windscreen washer, heated spray nozzles and cable for engine compartment light.

6.Unhook accelerator spring retaining clamp at bottom, unscrew hood mounts and lift off hood.

7.Remove air intake hoses and air filter housing as a unit.

8.Open cap of cooling water expansion tank and remove top of air deflector from cooler.

Rear Crossmember Replacement

9.Raise vehicle and remove oil pan guard.

10.Drain cooler. (Catch coolant in suitable container).

Crossmember Container

11.Unscrew water drain plugs on left and right of crank-case upper half.


Wrap a piece of wire around exhaust system behind junction and attach to cross member.

14.Disconnect body-engine ground connection at engine.

Kfx Engine Crank Case DrainPorsche 928 Airfilter

12.Drain engine oil. (Only if engine is to be overhauled.)

13.Disconnect exhaust flanges on left and right of exhaust manifold and unscrew air injector.

15.Replace cooler drain plug and tighten to specified torque, 1.5 Nm (0.2 kpm).

16.Remove bottom section of air deflector from cooler.

18.Disconnect cable from starter.

19.Detach clamps for starter cable from steering transverse and pull alternator cable thru toward front of vehicle.

Porsche 928 Engine Lift Points
22.The pins for the oil temperature sensor must point downward before engine can be removed.

17.Pull air hose off alternator.

18.Disconnect cable from starter.

21.Unscrew bolts holding driving plate, unscrew pan head screw of bearing sleeve, push driven plate back along central shaft.

19.Detach clamps for starter cable from steering transverse and pull alternator cable thru toward front of vehicle.

20.Remove cover from clutch housing.

Porsche 928 Alternator Hose


20.Remove cover from clutch housing.


The clutch must be removed completely for vehicles from Model 87, engine type M 28.41 onwards. Refer to the Workshop Manual, Page 30 - 6b.

23.Remove both transmission mount bolts.

25.Disconnect and remove oil temperature sensor. Disconnect fuel return line while countering nut with second open-ended wrench.

Porsche 928 Heater Sensor RepairRear Crossmember Replacement

24.Disconnect hose from heating regulator and pipe stub on engine and remove. Pull underpressure line for automatic transmission from underpressure di stributor.

26.Unscrew bolts for clutch housing-engine housing top and bottom (e.g. jointed socket wrench) and push transmission toward rear {approx. 5-6 mm).

Porsche Brake Boost

27.Disconnect air conditioner compressor plug connector, remove compressor from bracket and hang on one side with hoses in place.

Porsche 928 Terminal

28.Detach both coolant hoses from cooler at regulator housing and 30.Disconnect cable from temp-remove. erature switch at bottom left of cooler.

Porsche 928 Drain Plug Atf

29.Detach oil hoses for engine cooling and ATF cooling from top and bottom of cooler, countering with second open-ended wrench.

31.Disconnect bleed hose from top left of cooler, unscrew cooler attachment and lift cooler carefully up out of engine compartment.

32.Disconnect coolant filler hose from cooler tube at front, right, and remove. Disconnect multiplug and B+ terminal.

35.Disconnect ignition leads on both sides from distributor cover, remove both ignition coils from bracket and lay to one side.

1978 Porsche 928 Oil Filler Hose

33.Disconnect bleed hose from cooling water expansion tank at engine and remove.

34.Disconnect fuel supply line, countering with second open-ended wrench.

36.Detach filter housing from air pump.

37.Remove scavenging valve from holder. Disconnect hose from air-bleed valve and remove. Disconnect underpressure hose from EZF control unit.

38.Disconnect underpressure hose from brake servo unit and remove.

39.Disengage actuating cables for 42.Disconnect multiplugs from EZF

throttle, cruise control and and LH control units, together control cable for automatic with multiplug at right of transmission. Remove safety central electrics unit, devices and clamp from bracket and lay cables over fender. _

Porsche Rear Bumper RemovalPorsche 928 Oil Pump Replacement

40.Disconnect oil hoses from servo pump reservoir, drain oil and catch in suitable container. Disconnect hose clamp from reservoir and remove reservoir.

41.Remove cover of central electrics unit. Disconnect plug-type connectors for Lambda probe, probe heating and electronic ignition.

43.Push rubber sleeve out of holder into engine compartment.

Cabrio Cruise Control Pump HosePorsche 928 Drain Plug Atf

47.Tilt engine carefully toward front, lifting slightly. Once engine housing and clutch housing separate, engine can be hoisted out of vehicle.


Care must be taken to ensure that the cable bundle from the central electrics unit is paid out as the engine is lifted clear of the vehicle.

48.Disconnect delivery hose from servo pump and remove.

44.Unscrew left-hand and right-hand mount bolts in underside of engine brace.

45.Attach VW 3033 lifting tackle mounted on workshop hoist {e.g. Bilstein K 750 H) to eyes and slightly tension lifting tackle.

46.Place wooden block (improvised) between central pipe and cross member.

Porsche 928 Jack Stand RearHydraulic Clutch Servo Porsche

49.Lift engine clear of vehicle.


Mark position öf delivery hose before disconnecting.

49.Lift engine clear of vehicle.


Note the foil owing:

l.Push transmission to rear. Place wooden block (improvised, 25 mm thick) between drive shaft casing and cross member. Connect the servo pump delivery line before installing the engine. (Note mounting position).

2.Insert cable bundle of central electrics.

3. Lower the engine onto the hydraulic mounts. Detach lifting bar and workshop hoist.

4. Use a car jack to raise the clutch housing and transaxle and bring the engine to its installation position.


To avoid placing the driver plate of the flywheel under strain, start by fitting the driver plate to the flywheel using the six bolts and only tighten the pan-head screw of the clamping sleeve afterwards. Tightening torque: 80 Nm

5. Top up coolant level to lip. Set heater lever to "warm".

6. Run the engine until it reaches its operating temperature, check engine oil and coolant levels, top up if necessary. The coolant level should lie near the middle of the expansion tank.

7. Fill hydraulic steering fluid reservoir and bleed the steering system.

8. Top up the ATF in the transmission.

Engine, removing and replacing

Printed in Germany - XXIX, 1992

Porsche 928 Fuel System Diagram



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