val ve


'85/'86 mod.

43.0 mm

42.1 mm

'87 mod.

44.4 mm

43.4 mm

3.While measuring, hold the valve firmly against the valve seat.

Printed in Germany-XIX,1987 Checking Valve Seat Wear Limit 15 - 113


1.Check that valve seat is tight in cylinder head.

2.Check contact pattern. If valve does not contact entire area of valve seat, the seat must be machined slighty.


1.Valve seat may be machined with, for example, a Neway valve grinder or a Hunger valve-seat machining tool.

3.Valve reseating tools, e.g. Neway 234 45° Neway 213 60°

2,Machine the valve seats with a 45° valve reseating tool. Afterwards, machine the face to the specified face width with a 60° reseating tool. It is no longer necessary to finish with a 30° reseating tool.

Intake-valve face width 1.5 mm

Exhaust-valve face width 1.8 mm

15 - 114 Checking and Machining Valve Seats XIX,1987 - Printed in Germany

4,Valve reseating tool, e.g. Hunger VDSNL 1/45 I.K.

5.After the valve seats have been machined, use a grinding paste to lightly grind in valve seats. Check contact pattern of valve seat surface.

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