A = Oil catcher cone B = Oil catcher spray tube

14. Place layshaft in installation position and install axle with O-ring (lightly oil O-Ring).

Schaltgetriebe zerlegen und zusammenbauen (ab Mod. '87)

Printed in Germany - XXXI, 1993


The blind hole for the tapered bolt in the internal selector arm must face left (as viewed in the forward direction of travel).

19.Adjust preselect spring and selector forks (see Page 34 - 215)

2 - Selector rod, 1st and reverse gear

3 - Locking sleeve, long

4 - Compression spring, long

5 - Threaded plug

6 - Selector rod, 2nd and 3rd gear

7 - Locking sleeve, short

8 - Compression spring

10 - Selector rod, 4th and 5th gear

11 - Locking sleeve, short

12 - Compression spring, short

13 - Threaded plug

18.Install internal selector arm with preselect lever and selector finger. Hold selector rod with a suitable tool.

Porsche 928 Center Console Plug

A = Tensioning pin B = Tensioning sleeve

1982 Porsche 924 Ignition Timing
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